Join Us for Hidden Gems at PAX Unplugged, Where We Finally Learn What a Board Game Is!

Uncover the mystery on December 7th at 2:30 pm ET in the Crab God Theatre!

Hidden Gems Descends on PAX West!

We crash land into the Cat Theatre on August 30th at 6:30pm PT!

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Celebrate Hidden Gems' Third Anniversary at PAX East!

It’s our glass anniversary on March 29th at 1:00 pm ET!

Hidden Gems Returns to PAX South with Our Friends from Vlambeer, Finji, and Kickstarter!

Find us Friday, January 18th at 5:30 pm CT in the Cactus Theatre!

Best Games Played 2018, Day 10: Florence — Freshest Storytelling

'Florence' presents the classic tale of self-discovery in new and interesting ways.

Best Games Played 2018, Day 9: Shadow of the Colossus — Most Majestic

‘Shadow of the Colossus’ is an elegy for a dying world.

Best Games Played 2018, Day 5: WarioWare Gold — Best Antics

Welcome back to the wild and wacky world of ‘WarioWare.’

Best Games Played 2018, Day 4: God of War — Greatest Redemption

Kratos carries his burdens — and his past — to Midgard.

Best Games Played 2018, Day 1: Enter the Gungeon — Deepest Dive

Two years and one expansion later, there's never been a better time to enter the Gungeon.

Hidden Gems Returns for the First Time Again at PAX West!

Catch us there Friday, August 31st at 5:00 pm PT!

Hidden Gems Rides Again at PAX East!

Come check out the panel on April 6th at 2 pm ET in the Bumblebee Theatre!

Best Games Played 2017, Day 9: Echo — Freshest Ideas

With ‘Echo,’ Ultra Ultra brings a clear and innovative new vision.

Best Games Played 2017, Day 6: Everything — Best Philosophy

Join us on a journey through ‘Everything.’

Best Games Played 2017, Day 5: 1001 Spikes — Most Treacherous

Three years on, ‘1001 Spikes’ still delivers on fun and difficulty.

Best Games Played 2017, Day 4: Super Mario Odyssey — Grandest Adventure

Mario takes us on a trip around the globe.

Best Games Played 2017, Day 3: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild — Best Reinvention

The ‘Zelda’ formula gets turned on its head.

Best Games Played 2017, Day 2: Black Emperor — Purest Design

Put your hand on the console and ride the Black Emperor.

Best Games Played 2017, Day 1: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds — Best Synthesization

‘PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds’ takes everything that makes survival games great and compresses it into a neat package.

Hidden Gems Returns for PAX South!

Saturday, January 13th at 1:30 pm in the Armadillo Theatre!