Episode 238: Quarantine Catsup, Part 2

We relish our continual catch up with announcements, news, games played, and games seen.

Episode 237: Quarantine Catsup, Part 1

Dylan, Alex, and Nelson play catch up with all the news and announcements that happened this summer.

Episode 236: If It's Not Intersectional, It's BS

Intelligame's Josh Boykin joins the show to talk gaming, society, wholesomeness, and more.

Episode 235: Agitation and Education

Organizer Emma Kinema comes on the show to discuss the importance of organizing, especially during the current pandemic.

Episode 234: There Was a Guy Named Batman

Not even the World’s Greatest Detective can figure out what to do about all of these cancelled gaming events.

Episode 233: Video Games Worldwide

Investors? Could be you!

Episode 232: Making Your Game, PAX East 2020

We moderate a panel of publishing and crowdfunding professionals to discuss strategies to help developers get their games made.

Episode 231: Hidden Gems of PAX East IV

Join Dylan Ilvento, Felix Kramer, Jenny Windom, and Pat Baer for the tenth Hidden Gems panel!

Episode 230: Hidden Gems of PAX South III

A crew of Hidden Gems veterans assembles at PAX South to showcase what the con has to offer!

Wardcast Episode 229: Have I Made It?

For our MAGFest 2020 panel, we tackle the perennial question dogging every professional in games — "Have I made it?"

Interviews with Developers of These Fine Games

Episode 228: Into the MAG 2020

Welcome to MAGFest 202X.

Episode 227: Guest Games Played 2019

Before we dive headfirst into 2020, we invited some of our guests to talk about the games that meant the most to them in 2019.

Episode 226: The Honorables 2019, Lower Bracket

Now we decide: what games will be our honorable mentions of 2019?

Episode 225: The Honorables 2019, Upper Bracket

The Best Games Played have now been decided, but the competition for this year’s honorable mentions is even fiercer.

Episode 224: Best Games Played 2019

The time has come once again for the Best Games Played.

Episode 223: The Road to BGP 2019, Part 5

Roy is our boy.

Episode 222: Hidden Gems of PAX Unplugged

The inaugural Hidden Gems panel at PAX Unplugged has us talking dice games, card games, and more!

Episode 221: The Road to BGP 2019, Part 4

Let your freak frag fry.

Episode 220: The Road to BGP 2019, Part 3

Gnomes for the gnome god.

Episode 219: The Road to BGP 2019, Part 2

Mario the first.