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Episode 246: The Smash Ultimate Prediction Pool, Round 2

Episode 246: The Smash Ultimate Prediction Pool, Round 2

November 23rd, 2020 | 12:00 pm ET

We bring our heads together to figure out who the remaining ‘Smash Ultimate’ characters could be.

With two Smashers down and four left to go for the seemingly final DLC pack of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Dylan, Alex, and Nelson gather together to debate and discuss who will be lucky enough to ascend to such vaunted a station.

Theories abound: maybe another Microsoft representative, maybe a yet-to-be-fully-acknowledged Nintendo rival, or maybe someone from the company’s retro past? Who’s to say! We consider the realistic, the reaching, and the ramshackle possibilities on this, our second round of the Smash Ultimate Prediction Pool.

Games include The Wonderful 101: Remastered.

Wardcast Episode 246, Go! 0:00:00
With The Beatles 0:00:39
Welcome Back to the Smash Ultimate Prediction Pool 0:03:51
Possible Ineligibilities 0:23:28
Alex's First Pick: Monster Hunter 0:40:06
Nelson's First Pick: Dragonborn 0:43:04
Dylan's First Pick: Crash Bandicoot 0:46:53
Alex's Second Pick: Wonder-Red 0:54:02
Nelson's Second Pick: Tracer 0:59:31
Dylan's Second Pick: Ryu Hayabusa 1:03:56
Alex's Third Pick: Linkle 1:09:05
Nelson's Third Pick: Master Chief 1:12:49
Dylan's Third Pick: Tetrominoes 1:20:06
Alex's Fourth Pick: Crash Bandicoot 1:22:24
Nelson's Fourth Pick: Dante from the Devil May Cry Series 1:23:07
Dylan's Fourth Pick: Solaire of Astora 1:24:48
Additional Picks 1:27:43
Everyone's Final Predictions 1:49:03
Nintendo, Slippi, and The Big House 1:53:16
Wardcast Episode 246, Out! 1:59:54

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