Episode 268: Hidden Gems of PAX West III

Back at PAX West 2023, Hidden Gems is here to showcase all the overlooked games at the show!

Episode 267: Hidden Gems of PAX East V

Hidden Gems' return has Dylan Ilvento, Coby West, and Anya Combs showing off games they found at PAX East 2023!

Episode 266: 2022: Year in Rear View

As they say goodbye to 2022, Dylan and Alex talk about their favorite games that they played in the past year.

Episode 265: The Transformers Method

On another rare Wardcast sighting, we talk about games that have more than meets the eye.

Episode 264: Best Games Played 2021

We give big ups to our favorite games of 2021.

Episode 263: The Road to BGP 2021, Part 3

What’s my boulder-punching motivation?

Episode 262: The Road to BGP 2021, Part 2

"It’s called ‘Castlevania’ because it’s a Metroidvania set in a castle."

Episode 261: The Road to BGP 2021, Part 1

For our first leg of the Road to BGP 2021, we ponder some narrative games, some arcadey titles, and an amnesiac exhibition.

Episode 260: The Boy Who Cried Sora

Fool me once, shame on Yensid; fool me twice, shame on Mickey.

Episode 259: Hidden Gems of PAX Online

The first Hidden Gems in over a year has us showing off games from the second digital PAX!

Interviews with Developers of These Fine Games

Episode 258: Takin' it Easy

We return home just in time for Dylan and Alex to talk more about Epic v. Apple, ‘Resident Evil Village,’ and changes happening at Ward Games HQ!

Episode 257: The Great State of Whataburger

For our first in-person ‘cast since the beginning of quarantine, Dylan is joined by Coby West during his visit to the Lone Star State.

Episode 256: The Centroid of the Mechanism

We get to the center of things as we discuss recent releases, Amnesia Fortnight, and more!

Episode 255: The No! Note

"I heard there was a secret chord that David played and denied the Lord."

Episode 254: Taylor-Swycanthrope

We worry about metamorphosizing into pop stars under the light of the full moon.

Episode 253: Mr. Bean is a Gundam

Wow, cool Briton!

Episode 252: Corvids Corvids Corvids

Talk of walking sims this week has us thinking of murders most fowl.

Episode 251: Take Me Down to the Knockout City

Where the streets are mean and the balls are hitty.

Episode 250: Post-Post Malone

After you perform in a virtual Pokémon concert, what could possibly come next?

Episode 249: That Dogecoin Came from the Moon

"Can’t we just stay here with the overvalued GME stock?"