Episode 267: Hidden Gems of PAX East V

Hidden Gems' return has Dylan Ilvento, Coby West, and Anya Combs showing off games they found at PAX East 2023!

Episode 266: 2022: Year in Rear View

As they say goodbye to 2022, Dylan and Alex talk about their favorite games that they played in the past year.

Episode 265: The Transformers Method

On another rare Wardcast sighting, we talk about games that have more than meets the eye.

Episode 264: Best Games Played 2021

We give big ups to our favorite games of 2021.

Episode 263: The Road to BGP 2021, Part 3

What’s my boulder-punching motivation?

Episode 262: The Road to BGP 2021, Part 2

"It’s called ‘Castlevania’ because it’s a Metroidvania set in a castle."

Episode 261: The Road to BGP 2021, Part 1

For our first leg of the Road to BGP 2021, we ponder some narrative games, some arcadey titles, and an amnesiac exhibition.

Episode 260: The Boy Who Cried Sora

Fool me once, shame on Yensid; fool me twice, shame on Mickey.

Episode 259: Hidden Gems of PAX Online

The first Hidden Gems in over a year has us showing off games from the second digital PAX!

Episode 258: Takin' it Easy

We return home just in time for Dylan and Alex to talk more about Epic v. Apple, ‘Resident Evil Village,’ and changes happening at Ward Games HQ!

Interviews with Developers of These Fine Games

Episode 257: The Great State of Whataburger

For our first in-person ‘cast since the beginning of quarantine, Dylan is joined by Coby West during his visit to the Lone Star State.

Episode 256: The Centroid of the Mechanism

We get to the center of things as we discuss recent releases, Amnesia Fortnight, and more!

Episode 255: The No! Note

"I heard there was a secret chord that David played and denied the Lord."

Episode 254: Taylor-Swycanthrope

We worry about metamorphosizing into pop stars under the light of the full moon.

Episode 253: Mr. Bean is a Gundam

Wow, cool Briton!

Episode 252: Corvids Corvids Corvids

Talk of walking sims this week has us thinking of murders most fowl.

Episode 251: Take Me Down to the Knockout City

Where the streets are mean and the balls are hitty.

Episode 250: Post-Post Malone

After you perform in a virtual Pokémon concert, what could possibly come next?

Episode 249: That Dogecoin Came from the Moon

"Can’t we just stay here with the overvalued GME stock?"

Episode 248: The Adventures of Will Continue

“You come into my house on N7 Day and you ask me to be excited about a new 'Mass Effect.'”