Episode 241: How to Fund Your Video Game, PAX Online 2020

Episode 241: How to Fund Your Video Game, PAX Online 2020

September 20th, 2020 | 8:45 pm ET

For the first PAX Online, we collect in the virtual Goose Theatre to discuss funding opportunities with friends from Finji, Kickstarter, Devolver, and Kowloon Nights!

For the inaugural PAX Online, we join together with our friends and colleagues to talk about acquiring funding for your indie game! Joining Dylan for this discussion is Finji’s Bekah Saltsman, Kickstarter’s Anya Combs, Kowloon Nights’ Callum Underwood, and Devolver Digital’s Nigel Lowrie!

The gang discusses everything about funding partners, including what to have prepared for your preliminary meeting with a potential partner, what your expectations should be for your first collaboration, and more!

From the panel description:

Finding funding for your game’s development can sometimes feel like a forbidden art — discussed only in hushed tones in hidden rooms. We’re here to demystify that search and equip you with the knowledge and preparation needed to approach a financial stakeholder — whether it’s a publisher, a crowdfunding platform, a funding collective, or some alternate partnership. Listen in on this discussion between publishers, crowdfunding representatives, and other industry professionals about the ins and outs of funding your game.

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