Episode 232: Making Your Game, PAX East 2020

Episode 232: Making Your Game, PAX East 2020

February 28th, 2020 | 6:30 pm ET

We moderate a panel of publishing and crowdfunding professionals to discuss strategies to help developers get their games made.

An impromptu addition to our schedule at PAX East has Dylan moderating a panel about publishing and crowdfunding with several friends from the industry. Joining Dylan back in the Bobcat Theatre are Finji CEO Bekah Saltsman, Kickstarter’s Director of Games Anya Combs, Lay Waste Games’ Co-Owner Jon Ritter, and Soft Serve Games’ Chris Wulf.

We discuss the dos and don’ts about getting outside help to make your game, including how to approach publishers, what you should have prepared when you’re asking for funding, and some tips for running a successful Kickstarter. We also get a surprise game industry announcement near the end of the panel.

From the panel description:

Are you thinking about making a game in the next year? Have you already made a game and simply don’t know what to do next? Crowdfunding and [p]ublishing can be a great [way] to get your game out there, but the process does not begin when you launch a campaign or approach a publisher. There is work to be done before, during, and after to ensure you give your creation what it deserves! Join industry professionals to discuss their thoughts, experiences, and ask the burning questions you have.

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