Hidden Gems Returns to PAX South with Our Friends from Vlambeer, Finji, and Kickstarter!

Find us Friday, January 18th at 5:30 pm CT in the Cactus Theatre!

Wardcast Episode 152: The Mechademy

The Ward triad meets to discuss PAX West, ‘We Happy Few,’ a fresh ROM shipment, and more.

Wardcast Episode 150: Hidden Gems of PAX West

Join Dylan Ilvento, Felix Kramer, Austin Walker, and Kahlief Adams as they cover everything cool and unique at PAX West 2018!

Hidden Gems Returns for the First Time Again at PAX West!

Catch us there Friday, August 31st at 5:00 pm PT!

Wardcast Episode 137: Myscha the Sled Dog

The Wardcast triumvirate has assembled once again to talk Unreal, Boss Key, 'Florence,' and more!

Wardcast Episode 131: Snez

Dylan is joined by Alex Berry to discuss 'The Swords of Ditto,' PAX East, animation, and more!

Wardcast Episode 129: Hidden Gems of PAX East II

Dylan, Mason, Felix Kramer, and Mike Futter talk about all the hidden gems at PAX East 2018.

Hidden Gems Rides Again at PAX East!

Come check out the panel on April 6th at 2 pm ET in the Bumblebee Theatre!

Wardcast Episode 122: Jeocities

We return home to talk convention plagues, Nintendo Labo, and more.

Wardcast Episode 121: Unpaxxed 2018, Night 2

Our final night at PAX South with Nick Nundahl and Karinabob!

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Wardcast Episode 120: Hidden Gems of PAX South

Ward Games and Instant Replay Live bring the Hidden Gems panel to PAX South!

Wardcast Episode 119: Unpaxxed 2018, Night 1

From PAX South 2018, we sit down with Bekah Saltsman, CEO of Finji, to talk about their games, exhibiting at PAX, and more!

Hidden Gems Returns for PAX South!

Saturday, January 13th at 1:30 pm in the Armadillo Theatre!

Wardcast Episode 101: Lot Check

Mike Futter — author of the Game Dev Business Handbook — joins the show to talk business, business, and PAX West.

Wardcast Episode 77: Yoshi Steaks

Munchakoopas? Now them’s good eatin’.

Wardcast Episode 76: T-Shorts

Back at our PAX pad, we chat with some friendly YouTubers about new fashion trends and more!

Wardcast Episode 75: Hidden Gems of PAX East

Dylan, Dan, Mason, and Alex take over the Cuttlefish Theatre at PAX East to showcase a suite of hidden gems!

Join Us at PAX East for Our Panel: Hidden Gems!

Join us Friday, March 10th at 3:00 pm in the Cuttlefish Theatre!

Wardcast Episode 34: Broken Dreamcast

I walk this empty street, on a boulevard of Sega CDs.

Wardcast Episode 16: Battalions

What do you call a group of Boston Italians?