Episode 119: Unpaxxed 2018, Night 1

Episode 119: Unpaxxed 2018, Night 1

January 11th, 2018 | 9:00 pm ET

From PAX South 2018, we sit down with Bekah Saltsman, CEO of Finji, to talk about their games, exhibiting at PAX, and more!

It’s our first episode from PAX South in sunny San Antonio — Military City, USA. Dylan sits down with Bekah Saltsman, CEO of indie developer and publisher Finji, showing off their games Overland, Tunic, and Night in the Woods.

We talk about booth logistics for larger shows, being thrifty as an indie dev, and the infamous Costco rental.

Bekah also goes more in depth about topics within and beyond the indie dev life, from her school and work experiences, the importance of non-development roles in the industry, hiring practices at Finji, working as a woman and a mom in games, and how she obtained her cavalcade of nicknames.

Games include Mini Metro.

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