Episode 255: The No! Note

Episode 255: The No! Note

April 26th, 2021 | 12:00 pm ET

"I heard there was a secret chord that David played and denied the Lord."

Another year in quarantine means another year without gaming events. At least, it’s another year without events in meatspace, so we zap into cyberspace to speculate on what an all-digital E3 looks like, all while getting our GDC fix from the Crows Developers Conference.

But even without the yearly industry event, we still hear about industry news aplenty: Jeffery Kaplan has jettisoned from Blizzard, itch.io comes to the Epic Games Store, and Discord decides to not get acquired by Microsoft as they eye a potential IPO.

And then it’s just games, games, games: Alex still has work to do at Together BnB, Monster Hunter rises up again for another whirlwind discussion, and Lil Nas X twerks his way into our hearts with a booty-shaking rhythm game.

Games include Crows Developers Conference, Monster Hunter Rise, Together BnB, Twerk Hero, PS1 Haunted Demo Disc, Say No! More, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Brawl Stars, Holedown, Threes!, 2048, and Golf on Mars.

Wardcast Episode 255, Go! 0:00:00
Forbidden Pac-Man Knowledge 0:00:30
Jeff Kaplan's Departure from Blizzard 0:03:42
Game Events in Cyberspace 0:07:06
Storefront Warfronts 0:17:00
'Monster Hunter' Rises Again 0:25:34
'Together BnB' Revisited 0:39:37
‘Twerk Hero’ Discussion 0:46:53
'Say No! More' Discussion 0:49:53
'Wind Waker' — A Core Zelda? An Investigation 0:57:10
Mobile Games Galore 0:59:30
Discord Reneges on Their Deal to be Acquired by Microsoft 1:18:21
Wardcast Episode 255, Out! 1:22:06

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