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Episode 259: Hidden Gems of PAX Online

Episode 259: Hidden Gems of PAX Online

July 16th, 2021 | 1:15 pm ET

The first Hidden Gems in over a year has us showing off games from the second digital PAX!

After a year and a half hiatus, Hidden Gems returns to the virtual PAX floor to showcase games at the second ever PAX Online! Joining Dylan on a tour through game demos galore is Hidden Gems mainstay Felix Kramer, El David y Estefi Show host David Lucio, and Innersloth and Among Us community director Victoria Tran!

From the panel description:

As you peruse all the fun and games PAX Online has on offer, you may be wondering, “what are the must-see games this weekend?” Allow us to answer that question for you! Tune in as our esteemed panelists from across the games industry convene for the first virtual Hidden Gems, where we’ll show you the games you won’t want to miss and the demos you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home!

Games include Death Trash, Jack Move, Button City, Hoa, Haak, No Place for Bravery, Cris Tales, Dice Legacy, Tunche, Peglin, Justice Sucks Recharged, Klang 2, Dorf Romantic, and Firegirl.

Welcome to Hidden Gems of PAX Online! 0:00:00
'Death Trash' 0:03:33
'Jack Move' 0:07:33
'Button City' 0:10:01
'Hoa' 0:12:47
'Haak' 0:15:52
'No Place for Bravery' 0:19:27
'Cris Tales' 0:23:39
'Dice Legacy' 0:27:33
'Tunche' 0:32:27
'Peglin' 0:36:17
'Justice Sucks Recharged' 0:38:57
'Klang 2' 0:42:25
'Dorf Romantik' 0:43:30
'Firegirl' 0:44:59
Hidden Gems, Signing Off! 0:46:44

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