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Episode 268: Hidden Gems of PAX West III

Episode 268: Hidden Gems of PAX West III

September 2nd, 2023 | 4:00 pm ET

Back at PAX West 2023, Hidden Gems is here to showcase all the overlooked games at the show!

Stepping foot inside the new and improved Seattle Convention Center for the first time, Dylan is joined by Hidden Gemsters old and new to showcase the indie games PAX West 2023 has on offer! Joining him is Good Trouble’s Director of Communications Harris Foster, Innersloth’s Communications Director Victoria Tran, Strange Scaffold’s Creative Director Xalavier Nelson Jr., and Intelligame Founder Josh Boykin.

From the panel description:

PAX is huge — with hundreds of things to see and do, can you really experience it all? Since 2017 the Hidden Gems panel has helped PAX attendees discover new favorites that may be lurking right under their noses. Our panel of game industry professionals seek out the hidden and overlooked spaces of the convention center and beyond to pluck out one-of-a-kind experiences that are worth your time. Who knows… you may just find your next favorite game here!

Games include Antonblast, Peggy’s Farm, Thank Goodness You’re Here!, Spirit Swap: Lofi Beats to Match-3 To, Emberwind, Rose and Locket, Star Salvager, Clam Man 2: Headliner, Project Dark, Beastieball, Arco, Shot One, Treachery in Beatdown City, and World of Horror.

Welcome to Hidden Gems of PAX West III! 0:00:00
Harris' Bathroom Report 0:04:23
'Antonblast' 0:06:20
'Peggy's Farm' 0:09:59
'Thank Goodness You're Here!' 0:11:35
'Spirit Swap: Lofi Beats to Match-3 To' 0:14:56
'Emberwind' 0:17:32
'Rose and Locket' 0:21:29
'Star Salvager' 0:25:51
The Voodoo Ranger Patio 0:27:43
'Clam Man 2: Headliner' 0:29:52
'Project Dark' 0:32:52
'Beastieball' 0:36:41
'Arco' 0:40:49
'Shot One' 0:43:56
'Treachery in Beatdown City' 0:46:45
'World of Horror' 0:49:26
See What Our Panelists Are Up To! 0:52:17

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