Wardcast Episode 241: How to Fund Your Video Game, PAX Online 2020

For the first PAX Online, we collect in the virtual Goose Theatre to discuss funding opportunities with friends from Finji, Kickstarter, Devolver, and Kowloon Nights!

Wardcast Episode 232: Making Your Game, PAX East 2020

We moderate a panel of publishing and crowdfunding professionals to discuss strategies to help developers get their games made.

Wardcast Episode 197: The Collab Couch, E3 2019: Part 4

On this episode of the Collab Couch, we’re joined by Finji co-founders Adam and Bekah Saltsman! We catch up with them about what they’re doing at the show, from showing games to maintaining industry and platform relationships. We also discuss the current indie landscape, the Informational Show for Trainers, and more!

Wardcast Episode 196: The Collab Couch, E3 2019: Part 3

On this episode of the Collab Couch, we’re joined by writer and designer Dante Douglas and Finji’s Harris Foster to talk about second tries on post-apocalypses, what they’re doing at the show, and more!

Wardcast Episode 161: And Now You're Working!

Kevin Regamey — creative director at Power Up Audio — drops by to discuss audio design solutions for their suite of indie game clients.

Wardcast Episode 140: Animals and Ennui

Andrew "Dicey" Shouldice comes aboard to talk 'Tunic,' 'Tunic,' and Canadian time zones.

Wardcast Episode 138: Pre 3 2018

Dylan and Harris Foster — community manager at Finji — discuss Finji projects, E3, Nintendo Labo, and more!

Wardcast Episode 124: The Popeye Test

Felix Kramer joins Dylan to talk about 'Tunic,' 'Genesis Noir,' haunted domains, Legos, and more.

Wardcast Episode 119: Unpaxxed 2018, Night 1

From PAX South 2018, we sit down with Bekah Saltsman, CEO of Finji, to talk about their games, exhibiting at PAX, and more!