Wardcast Episode 255: The No! Note

"I heard there was a secret chord that David played and denied the Lord."

Wardcast Episode 236: If It's Not Intersectional, It's BS

Intelligame's Josh Boykin joins the show to talk gaming, society, wholesomeness, and more.

Wardcast Episode 234: There Was a Guy Named Batman

Not even the World’s Greatest Detective can figure out what to do about all of these cancelled gaming events.

Wardcast Episode 233: Video Games Worldwide

Investors? Could be you!

Wardcast Episode 204: In This House We Play Overwatch

Joseph Knoop of The 1099 joins us to talk FPS allegiances and more.

Wardcast Episode 203: The Trophy Road

The road is long and besieged by gamers.

Wardcast Episode 199: Waffles & Eggs

Designer Ben Wander breaks down the value of a late night breakfast.

Wardcast Episode 198: Post 3 2019

E3 2019 is over, so we rundown anything we might have missed from the show.

Wardcast Episode 197: The Collab Couch, E3 2019: Part 4

On this episode of the Collab Couch, we’re joined by Finji co-founders Adam and Bekah Saltsman! We catch up with them about what they’re doing at the show, from showing games to maintaining industry and platform relationships. We also discuss the current indie landscape, the Informational Show for Trainers, and more!

Wardcast Episode 196: The Collab Couch, E3 2019: Part 3

On this episode of the Collab Couch, we’re joined by writer and designer Dante Douglas and Finji’s Harris Foster to talk about second tries on post-apocalypses, what they’re doing at the show, and more!

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Wardcast Episode 195: The Collab Couch, E3 2019: Part 2

On this episode of the Collab Couch, we’re joined by Indie Megabooth’s Kelly Wallick, Funomena’s Robin Hunicke, and Kitfox’s Victoria Tran to talk about indie games, their presence at E3, and more!

Wardcast Episode 194: The Collab Couch, E3 2019: Part 1

On this episode of the Collab Couch, we’re joined by USGamer’s Mike Williams, here to talk with us about all our impressions of the first slate of press conferences so far — EA, Microsoft, Bethesda, Ubisoft — and what we’re looking forward to next.

Wardcast Episode 193: Pre 3 2019

This week, we say goodbye to a dear friend and hello to the yawning maw of E3.

We're Partnering with Spawn on Me to Bring You the E3 Collab Couch

With the help of Spawn on Me, we're bringing you awesome interviews directly from the 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo!

Wardcast Episode 191: Everybody Shang Tsung Tonight

On the edge of oblivion, all of Outworld is Babylon.

Wardcast Episode 186: The Capcom Five

Thinking about consoles' future has us looking to consoles' past.

Wardcast Episode 141: Scatman

We talk about summer sales, games getting showcased on Markiplier videos, and more with special guest Val Hawes!

Wardcast Episode 140: Animals and Ennui

Andrew "Dicey" Shouldice comes aboard to talk 'Tunic,' 'Tunic,' and Canadian time zones.

Wardcast Episode 139: Post 3 2018

Dylan, Nick, Joe, and Kenny discuss all of the happenings from E Three Twenty Eighteen.

Wardcast Episode 138: Pre 3 2018

Dylan and Harris Foster — community manager at Finji — discuss Finji projects, E3, Nintendo Labo, and more!