Wardcast Episode 260: The Boy Who Cried Sora

Fool me once, shame on Yensid; fool me twice, shame on Mickey.

Wardcast Episode 253: Mr. Bean is a Gundam

Wow, cool Briton!

Wardcast Episode 251: Take Me Down to the Knockout City

Where the streets are mean and the balls are hitty.

Wardcast Episode 248: The Adventures of Will Continue

“You come into my house on N7 Day and you ask me to be excited about a new 'Mass Effect.'”

Wardcast Episode 246: The Smash Ultimate Prediction Pool, Round 2

We bring our heads together to figure out who the remaining ‘Smash Ultimate’ characters could be.

Wardcast Episode 233: Video Games Worldwide

Investors? Could be you!

Wardcast Episode 209: Weeb U

Wii welcome the return of 'Tokyo Mirage Sessions.'

Wardcast Episode 208: The Smash Ultimate Prediction Pool

We use our clairvoyance — or lack thereof — to predict the last two Smash DLC characters.

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