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Episode 267: Hidden Gems of PAX East V

Episode 267: Hidden Gems of PAX East V

March 25th, 2023 | 1:00 pm ET

Hidden Gems' return has Dylan Ilvento, Coby West, and Anya Combs showing off games they found at PAX East 2023!

Masked, vaxxed, and ready for PAX, Hidden Gems returns for its first in-person panel since the start of the pandemic. Joining Dylan in the panel’s home in the Bumblebee Theatre are our pals Coby West from The Glory Society and Anya Combs from Backerkit!

From the panel description:

Making its triumphant return, Hidden Gems is back for PAX East 2023! What is Hidden Gems? Imagine this: you’ve spent your whole day exploring the expo, playing games, and making life-long memories, but you still haven’t seen a fraction of what is available at the show. How do you know you’re not missing the coolest thing at PAX? That’s where we come in. Our veteran crew of hidden-gemologists has compiled a list of the latest and greatest overlooked games to grace the show floor. Join us as we highlight, discuss, and point you in the direction of these hidden gems!

Games include Scene Investigators; Hyde’s Haunt and Seek; Rightfully, Beary Arms; Pacific Drive; Sparks; Unleaving; Who’s Your Daddy?!; The Wandering Village; Paper Trail; and Ten Candles.

Welcome to Hidden Gems of PAX East V! 0:00:00
'Scene Investigators' 0:04:08
'Hyde’s Haunt and Seek' 0:07:35
'Rightfully, Beary Arms' 0:11:06
'Pacific Drive' 0:13:20
'Sparks' 0:21:04
'Unleaving' 0:26:40
'Who’s Your Daddy?!' 0:29:22
'The Wandering Village' 0:35:54
'Paper Trail' 0:40:08
'Ten Candles' 0:43:44
Until Next Time! 0:49:03

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