Wardcast Episode 229: Have I Made It? A Discussion about Working in Games

For our MAGFest 2020 panel, we tackle the perennial question dogging every professional in games — "Have I made it?"

Wardcast Episode 228: Into the MAG 2020

Welcome to MAGFest 202X.

Wardcast Episode 172: Into the MAG 2019, Night 3

Our final night of MAGFest 2019 brings us more indie games, 'Crossfire,' and the return of the food minute.

Wardcast Episode 171: Into the MAG 2019, Night 2

In night two of MAGFest 2019, we talk indie games, indie games, and the Mad Box.

Wardcast Episode 170: Into the MAG 2019, Night 1

For the first night of MAGFest 2019, we're joined by legal professionals, Twitch streamers, retro game designers, and more!

Wardcast Episode 122: Jeocities

We return home to talk convention plagues, Nintendo Labo, and more.

Wardcast Episode 118: Into the MAG 2018, Night 2

Our second and final night at MAGFest 2018. We have more guests and more games!

Wardcast Episode 117: Into the MAG 2018, Night 1

We have tons of cool guests and things to talk about from our first day at MAGFest!

Wardcast Episode 68: Small Thumbs

Dylan brings on Ruthie Edwards and Sam Loeschen to talk about exhibiting their games at this year's MAGFest!

Wardcast Episode 65: The Dalai Cheeto

“My religion is very simple. My religion is gaming.”

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