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What's That? Why, It's an All-New Best Games Played!

What's That? Why, It's an All-New Best Games Played!

December 3rd, 2021 | 12:00 pm ET

We're dusting off the microphones to bring you an end-of-the-year podcast extravaganza to close out 2021.


nce more the Earth has circled the Sun, and once more we sit down to ponder… what do we want to do as an end of year celebration?

If you recall, we put a pause on our usual podcastin’ tomfoolery earlier this year to make room for more game-makin’. And I’m happy to report: it’s been going quite well! I’ve been making a lot of great progress on a really cool project that I’m excited to share with y’all. And while discussing the full breadth of the project is still a ways off — some bits and pieces will probably start trickling out next year — I think it’ll be worth the wait.

But between all the game dev, I’ve still managed to eke out some time to play some games. We love playing games and talking about them on the Wardcast, yes we do. Or, we did. I can’t deny that I’ve missed being able to chit-chat on a regular basis about the world of games and game development, and I know Alex feels the same way.

And as we started approaching the end of the year, Alex asked me if I was planning on setting up any sort of Best Games Played-esque festivities, and I figured, well, why not! I like this new Wardcast format we got going — checking in every once in a while with a Hidden Gems or a Smash Prediction Pool, so if we’re willing to break our hiatus for those, we should definitely do it for Best Games Played!

Problem is, because we’ve been on a podcasting break, it means we haven’t exactly been able to discuss all the games we’ve been playing over the course of the year as they’ve come out. And in order to do the final Best Games Played deliberations justice, we’re probably going to need more than one end-of-the-year episode to fully discuss everything. Fortunately, we’ve already solved that problem in past BGPs. So for 2021, we’re once again taking a merry trek down the Road to BGP to discuss games big and small that meant a lot to us this past year before deciding a top ten for 2021.

So we got it all — we got write-ups, we got discussions of games we love, we got a bare-knuckle brawl defending our games’ rightful places on the top ten list. All of which you can check out on the list below. Won’t you join us?

Wardcast Episode 261: The Road to BGP 2021, Part 1

For our first leg of the Road to BGP 2021, we ponder some narrative games, some arcadey titles, and an amnesiac exhibition.

Alex's Best Games Played of 2021

Alex journeys to card-playing cabins, virtual art galleries, and familiar star systems for his favorite games of 2021.

Wardcast Episode 262: The Road to BGP 2021, Part 2

The second stretch of 2021's Road to BGP has us talking time loops a-plenty and the return of some of our favorite armor-clad space soldiers.

Dylan's Best Games Played of 2021

Dylan goes up to bat for his favorite games of 2021.

Wardcast Episode 263: The Road to BGP 2021, Part 3

Our final pre-flight check before Best Games Played has us soaring with dodgeball knockouts, evil villages, and new snappable monsters.

Wardcast Episode 264: Best Games Played 2021

It's time for the big show: what games are gonna be left standing in this year's Best Games Played?

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