Into the MAG is Wardcast's nightly show during the Music and Games Festival — MAGFest! From the Garylord Resort and Convention Center at National Harbor, Maryland, join us as we bring on guests from around the games industry to talk about their projects, the show, and more!

Previous Into the MAG Episodes

Into the MAG 2020

Welcome to MAGFest 202X.

Into the MAG 2019, Night 3

Our final night of MAGFest 2019 brings us more indie games, 'Crossfire,' and the return of the food minute.

Into the MAG 2019, Night 2

In night two of MAGFest 2019, we talk indie games, indie games, and the Mad Box.

Into the MAG 2019, Night 1

For the first night of MAGFest 2019, we're joined by legal professionals, Twitch streamers, retro game designers, and more!

Into the MAG 2018, Night 2

Our second and final night at MAGFest 2018. We have more guests and more games!

Into the MAG 2018, Night 1

We have tons of cool guests and things to talk about from our first day at MAGFest!