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Episode 226: The Honorables 2019, Lower Bracket

Episode 226: The Honorables 2019, Lower Bracket

December 30th, 2019 | 12:00 pm ET

Now we decide: what games will be our honorable mentions of 2019?

This is it: we’ve bickered and bartered our way through the upper bracket, with only Untitled Goose Game coming out unscathed, but once more through the gauntlet we must stride to determine… The Honorables!

Wardcast Episode 226, Go! 0:00:00
Intros Are Hard 0:00:42
It's Time for the Lower Bracket of The Honorables 2019! 0:02:07
'Duck Season' vs. 'Destiny 2: Shadowkeep' 0:02:43
'Control' vs. 'Beyond Good & Evil' 0:04:37
'Sunset Overdrive' vs. 'Layers of Fear' 0:06:11
'Baldur's Gate' vs. 'Mario Royale' 0:09:04
'GRIS' vs. 'Amid Evil' 0:17:11
'Red Dead Redemption 2' vs. 'Pokémon Masters' 0:20:41
'Fallout 76' vs. 'Wilmot's Warehouse 0:23:00
'Bleak Sword' vs. 'Metro Exodus' 0:27:06
'Duck Season' vs. 'Control' 0:29:05
'Sunset Overdrive' vs. 'Mario Royale' 0:35:37
'Amid Evil' vs. 'Red Dead Redemption 2' 0:47:00
'Wilmot's Warehouse' vs. 'Metro Exodus' 0:49:17
'You Are Jeff Bezos' vs. 'Control' 0:52:06
'What the Golf?' vs. 'Sunset Overdrive' 0:54:11
'Warhammer: Vermintide 2' vs. 'Amid Evil' 0:56:06
'Super Mario Maker 2' vs. 'Metro Exodus' 1:04:20
'You Are Jeff Bezos' vs. 'What the Golf?' 1:23:37
'Warhammer: Vermintide 2' vs. 'Super Mario Maker 2' 1:24:20
'Brawl Stars' vs. 'You Are Jeff Bezos' 1:27:51
'Tetris Effect' vs. 'Warhammer: Vermintide 2' 1:29:59
'Brawl Stars' vs. 'Tetris Effect' 1:30:49
'DragonBall FighterZ' vs. 'Tetris Effect' 1:34:30
'Untitled Goose Game' vs. 'DragonBall FighterZ' 1:40:37
Finalizing the List 1:45:25
And That’s the Wardcast for 2019! 1:56:15

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