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Episode 166: Best Games Played 2018

Episode 166: Best Games Played 2018

December 22nd, 2018 | 12:00 pm ET

Alex, Dylan, and Will determine the best games they played in 2018.

We’re back with the Wardcast Best Games Played for the third year running, here to discuss and debate the ten best games played for 2018.

The rules are simple: each host brings their personal ten favorite games from this past year. Any game played during 2018 is eligible regardless of release date. We’ll eliminate games one by one in a fight to the death, until we uncover the true winners.

Join us as we share our superhottakes, explore the wonders of warketing, and challenge our warring marmies on our journey to the best games played.

Awards include Most Majestic, Deepest Dive, Greatest Mechanical Reach, Greatest Redemption, Clearest Purpose, Freshest Storytelling, Best Antics, Best Remix, Most Charming, and Best Evolution.

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