Episode 160: The Tragic Work Week

Episode 160: The Tragic Work Week

November 10th, 2018 | 2:00 pm ET

Noah Downs and Nelson Johnson join the show to take a look at Rockstar's labor issues in the wake of ‘Red Dead Redemption II.’

This week, Dylan is aided by the impeccable talents of experience designer Nelson Johnson and video game attorney Noah Downs.

Together, they tackle a big topic: the conversation revolving around Rockstar’s labor practices on the heels of Dan Houser stating that the team worked 100 hour weeks during the development of Red Dead Redemption II. We discuss top level management’s role in building a culture of overwork and blind acceptance of the treatment of their developers, and we imagine what the future could possibly look like with an organized work force.

We also talk about horse crashes, marble streams, Noah’s time at TwitchCon, and Nelson’s new podcast, the Video Game Book Club.

Games include Red Dead Redemption II, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and Half-Life.

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