Episode 151: Superbed

Episode 151: Superbed

September 8th, 2018 | 2:00 pm ET

The ‘Track Trek’ Train Jam team recollects to talk game jams, game projects, and more!

On a very special episode, Dylan reconvenes his Train Jam team from this past spring. Joining him are Keaton White, managing director for Abyssal Arts; Matt Gambell, founder of Skatanic Studios; and Craig Barnes, freelance composer.

We start the episode as we always do, with a transatlantic weather check. We then move on to to discuss everyone’s current projects: Keaton’s team is currently releasing their first game, City of the Shroud, an episodic strategy game with fighting game-style combat. Matt talks about his success with his first game: RPG Tycoon, while currently pitching his second game, Living the Deal. Craig discusses his most recent projects: making music for Nano Golf and Streets of Rogue.

We round out the episode talking about our experiences working on our Train Jam game, Track Trek, our time at GDC, and more!

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