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For the Very First PAX Online, We're Moderating a Panel All About Game Funding

Tune into the PAX Online stream September 20th at 5:45 pm PT!

Black Lives Matter: Promoting Colleagues and Providing Resources

In support of Black members of our community, we’re highlighting our Black colleagues and providing resources of how you can give and receive aid.

It's Time for the Tenth Hidden Gems Panel!

Celebrate with us at the Bobcat Theatre on February 28th at 11 am ET!

The Hidden Gems of PAX South Crew Reunites for One Last Score

Join our caper in the Cactus Theatre on January 18th at 1 pm CT.

The Honorables 2019

Let's talk about our other favorite games of the year.

Best Games Played 2019, Day 10: Beefiest Invitation

With ‘Iceborne,’ ‘Monster Hunter’ has become the perfect fusion of old and new, inviting towards fresh and seasoned players alike.

Best Games Played 2019, Day 9: Grandest Epic

‘Final Fantasy XII’ is reborn, taking us back to this sweeping journey across Ivalice.

Best Games Played 2019, Day 8: Loveliest Follow-up

"The power of adventure shines within you."

Best Games Played 2019, Day 7: Greatest Culmination

‘Outer Wilds’ builds with quiet moments, but in the end, it radiates like a supernova.

Best Games Played 2019, Day 6: Dreamiest Past

The future is then.

Best Games Played 2019, Day 5: Richest Shared Experience

‘Divinity: Original Sin II’ is the closest games have come to replicating the feel of playing ‘D&D’ with your friends.

Best Games Played 2019, Day 4: Sexiest Style & Substance

‘Devil May Cry 5’ respects its storied lineage while also mixing in a fantastic amount of flair.

Best Games Played 2019, Day 3: Most Uplifting

Let's pop!

Best Games Played 2019, Day 2: Quickest Revolution

The battle royale genre has entered a stage of rapid evolution.

Best Games Played 2019, Day 1: Most Reverent

Everyone is here.

Join Us for Hidden Gems at PAX Unplugged, Where We Finally Learn What a Board Game Is!

Uncover the mystery on December 7th at 2:30 pm ET in the Crab God Theatre!

Hidden Gems Descends on PAX West!

We crash land into the Cat Theatre on August 30th at 6:30pm PT!

We're Partnering with Spawn on Me to Bring You the E3 Collab Couch

With the help of Spawn on Me, we're bringing you awesome interviews directly from the 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo!

Celebrate Hidden Gems' Third Anniversary at PAX East!

It’s our glass anniversary on March 29th at 1:00 pm ET!