Episode 114: Big Elbows

Joining Dylan over the air this week is friend of the show and Motion Capture Stage Technician at 2K Games Michael Listo.

Michael speaks with Dylan about what goes into his role, the current trends in motion capture technology, and the common mocap techniques used on the job.

We also discuss motion capture in film, advertising, and VR, and how his time studying Visual Effects at SCAD prepared him for his professional career.

Episode 113: The Mouse Always Wins

Will, Alex, and Dylan discuss the burgeoning Robocky film genre, the EA Battlefront II loot box fiasco, and the predictably disappointing Justice League box office debut.

We endure the hellishness of Mario Odyssey’s Darker Side of the Moon, and we talk about Hair Nah and our experiences getting our hairs touched.

Alex “BattlerUnknown” Damrath gets back on the gamedev horse with his game, Playground, all the while Dylan contemplates why he and Sam got their games waitlisted for MAGFest’s Indie Video Game Showcase.

Games include Overwatch, Super Mario Odyssey, Hair Nah, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Episode 112: This Will with Week!

With the Richmond Marathon surrounding us on all sides, we journey into the realm of physical games. We got 280 characters in our pocket, and with it, we propose Doom 2 to take place in Buddhist hell. Alex joins in on the Mario Odyssey discussion – with embarrassing anecdotes about Uncle Amiibo.

In news, Blizzcon happened, where Blizzard announced a new Overwatch hero, a new World of Warcraft, and an old World of Warcraft. Will’s planning for his next game dev project, and we conduct more battle royale talks, now with mystical bush magic!

Games include Super Mario Odyssey, Overwatch, Flippy Knife, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Episode 111: The Two-Man Show

In a new era of the Wardcast, we’re bringing the show to you – live! – on Caffeine! We’ll be streaming the podcast every week at caffeine.tv/wardgames. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for up to date schedules of when the show is on the air.

Now that Will’s married, we converse about our prerequisites for what constitutes an arcade, Windows being garbage, trying to play Wolfenstein: The New Order, and Mario Odyssey’s lack of hat-on-hat action.

Once again, we ring the game industry death knell. This time, it’s for NeoGAF, the Kinect, and Runic Games – where co-founder Travis Baldree shares his memories of the studio.

Lastly, Paris Games Week happened, and we talk about the use of domestic violence and violence against women in the trailers for Detroit: Become Human and The Last of Us Part II respectively. A slew of indie game sequels were also announced, and we discuss what it means that all of these great indie games are getting sequels.

Games include Super Mario Odyssey and Codenames.

Episode 110: The Two Ring

It’s a special day here on the Wardcast: Dylan is joined by Joe Wetmore and Kenny Kim, here to talk about – among other things – their eternal cosmic bond.

Joe explains his distaste for the new Star Trek, Dylan does an explainer on PUBG hacks, and we all discuss the many things about Middle-Earth: Shadow of War that make us uncomfortable, from orc enslavement to loot boxes.

We keep Tolkien talks going as we dive deep into Lord of the Rings lore, gush on pretty boy Sauron, and contemplate J.R.R.’s writing chops.

Games include Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Super Mario Odyssey.

Episode 109: The Darkest Cockle

Dylan, Alex, and Sam reconvene to discuss the poor handling of MAGFest’s distribution of hotel rooms. Alex also brings a board game, for which there was a price to pay, and Sam discusses the contract game he’s been working on and what goes into making a kid’s game COPPA-compliant.

Taking advantage of physics systems in games has us talking about Just Cause 2 mods and an infamous Liberty City swingset. In other news, Shadow of War has a bad story, neo-Nazis are mad about Wolfenstein, and as is frighteningly becoming the norm, some more layoffs and closings are happening in the games industry. With the shuttering of Visceral, we say goodbye to the potential of Star Wars Uncharted and await the coming death of the AAA single player game.

Games include Silent Hill 2, Home Sweet Home, Splatoon 2, Kingdom Death: Monster, Deceiver, Golf Story, and Middle-Earth: Shadow of War.

Episode 108: Cookies Over Cincinatti

Dylan, Will, and Ruthie Edwards come together to discuss Pokémon symphonies, paperclips of the universal variety, and the eternal wait for Super Mario Odyssey.

Will tries to fit in some more Heat Signature before he’s no longer a bachelor, we return to a talk about Tumbleseed and gameplay difficulty, and briefly converse about IGN acquiring Humble Bundle.

Games include Heat Signature, Universal Paperclips, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, Super Mario Run, Tumbleseed, Jackbox Party Pack 3, and Viridi.

Episode 107: Hell is Cool

We begin this episode discussing our hatred of Funko Pop figurines and the massive intelligence required to enjoy McDonald’s szechuan sauce.

In other news, Cuphead came out, and it’s good! But people aren’t talking about Echo, and that’s bad.

The Game by Its Cover game jam has ended, and Sam discusses his favorite pick from the lot, Hell, which fully convinces us that games presented through a desktop OS aesthetic are now “a thing.”

We also talk about FPS Requakes on the heels of Quake Live having recently – as in, back in 2015 – going to a paid model. HD rumble is being used for nefarious purposes, and several studios are downsizing, leading to a discussion about unionization and business sustainability in games.

Games include Cuphead, Beasts of Balance, Echo, Hell, Cube 2: Sauerbraten, Star Wars Battlefront II Multiplayer Beta, and Golf Story.

Episode 106: Slam Dunk Birdie

This week, we’re joined by a bunch of moms.

Momma Ilvento completes her tale of acquiring an SNES Classic. Mother Damrath checks in to see what this whole Fortnite: Battle Royale is about, and Grandma Blanton is feeling a little faint, but she powered through her illness to be with us today.

We get back to all the MGS V we played this past week while we talk about the mommiest game in the world. And we round out the podcast with a debate about which controller is the best.

Games include Star Fox, Super Mario Kart, Golf Story, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite: Battle Royale, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, Metroid: Samus Returns, Absolver, Echo, and Heat Signature.

Episode 105: Hygge

Dylan is joined by Ruthie Edwards, Kirk Musngi, Mike Odum, and Momin Khan on this glorious September morning to camp out to get their hands on the SNES Classic. It’s early. Very early. But no sacrifice is too great for our chosen prize. No regrets, no regurts, and no Ragnaros.

While we wait for the doors of the Best Buy to open, we define what it means to be “mom,” spend some more time on Martio Rabius Kingdom Journey, and wax nostalgic about Warcraft III and Starcraft II mods.

We get a Brandcenter check-in with Ruthie, sample some baby swiss brought by Momin, and discuss the most seminal games available on the SNES Classic.

Games include Pokémon Go, Golf Story, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Metroid Fusion, StarCraft II Mafia, and Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.