Episode 104: The Sleepy Pistol

If Will and Sam can ever forgive Dylan for never playing Journey, they may find the time to learn more about thatgamecompany’s new game, Sky, and everything else that happened during the iPhone X event.

We’re also excited to announce: Will’s getting married! Before he ties the knot, things are gonna get pretty steamy: with him trying out the Steam Link and us talking about our longest played games on Steam.

We suggest some Metal Gear Solid V to play, talk about Fortnite: Battle Royale and the ensuing scrap Epic and Bluehole are entering into, discuss Super Mario 64 Online being taken down by Nintendo, and memorialize the death of Flappy Bird on iOS 11.

Games include Sonic Mania, Dark Souls, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, 1001 Spikes, Heat Signature, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Echo, Flippy Knife, Mount Your Friends, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and Super Mario 64 Online.

Episode 103: Trailercraft

This episode, Dylan is joined by trailer craftsman M. Joshua Cauller, whose work includes trailers for games such as That Dragon, Cancer; Tricky Towers; and Poly Bridge.

Josh touches on a lot of different topics related to his craft, including how he got started, how to create player-centric trailers, and the importance of balancing emotional tension in trailers.

We also discuss the tight-knit trailer-making community, problems with indies not viewing game dev as a business, setting the right player expectations while also using emotional intelligence to craft your trailer.

Games include Celeste.

Episode 102: Triptych of Chaos

Dylan, Dan “Quasar” Cotting, and Justin Mitchell collect together just in time for the return of the Food Minute. This time, it’s all about seasonal lattes and beers of the pumpkin variety as well as a conversation about Hamburger Helper.

We also discuss Pewdiepie hurling a racist slur on Twitch and the fallout of Sean Vanaman filing a DMCA takedown of Pewdiepie’s Firewatch video and the subsequent review bombing of Firewatch on Steam.

To add nauseum to the vomitorium, the NES Classic returns and Nintendo hosted a new Direct: Mario has nipples, Link’s a lizard, Doom and Wolfenstein II are on Switch, Mario Party is on the wrong platform, and a bunch of JRPGs are coming out to please Justin’s senses.

Games include The Hard Way: A Virtual Reality Training Experience, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Project Octopath Traveler Demo Version, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and Pyre.

Episode 101: Lot Check

This episode, Dylan is joined by Mike Futter, former News Editor at Game Informer and author of The Game Dev Business Handbook. Dylan and Mike discuss the various topics covered in the book, from business development to IP law to assessing your personal finances before you start.

We also talk about working with the various collaborators on the book to help bring it to fruition, including publishing through Bithell Games, as well as reverse stock splits and the death and resurrection of THQ.

Lastly, we touch on Mike’s trip to PAX West, the differences between PAX West and East, and where you can leave your carrots in the Washington State Convention Center.

Episode 100: 101 Ruminations

It’s the Wardcast’s centennial episode! To celebrate, we’re bringing you a new series, Wardcast at Night. It’s the same Wardcast experience, only at night.

On our one hundredth episode, we talk about Metal Gear Solid’s memes, genes, and submarines as well as the differences in Western and Eastern games culture.

In other news: Mario is no longer a plumber, a VentureBeat playthrough of Cuphead reignites the debate about getting good at games, Early Access games are getting considered for Game of the Year, and waves are being caused by Walt William’s book excerpt, “Why I Worship Crunch.

We’d like to thank everyone that’s been on the podcast these past one hundred episodes, from special guests across the games industry to everyone that’s a part of our extended RVA Game Jams family. You all make the Wardcast awesome to do. Here’s to another hundred episodes and then some.

Games include Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 3D, Kirby: Triple Deluxe, KORG M01, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Robo Recall, Jackbox Party Pack 3, and Overwatch.

Episode 99: The Tragedy of Sonic

Dylan, Will, and Sam collect together to talk about game frameworks, including Phazer and its creator, Rich Tapestry. Will plays Sonic Mania and reminisces about the Sonic Retro Forum and the potential end of the Sonic Cycle.

We also discuss gregorian chants, a Twitter thread full of game dev tricks, Nintendo’s Nindies showcase, and more.

Games include Sonic Mania, Life is Strange, Tokyo 42, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Destiny 2 Beta, Flippy Knife, Disney Crossy Road, and War Wings.

Episode 98: Instant Replay Live in: Redneck Cartographer and the Yeahs of Sadness

This week, we’re joined by Nick Nundahl and Joe Wetmore of Instant Replay Live, where we reprise our talk on cartoons and TV, leading us to talk about Marvel’s Defenders and expectations.

Speaking of expectations, No Man’s Sky has hit us with a new update, so we discuss the changes that have been made to the game one year later. We also talk about the Unsung Story story, Kickstarter and crowdfunding in general – including Nick’s friend Jack’s GoFundMe to bring tabletop RPGs to people with visual impairment.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! There’s even more to discuss, including Skyrim mods, Dream Daddy and Game Grumps, gay Magic cards, Joe’s tabletop system, solar eclipses, SNES Classic preorders, and more.

Games include Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, Bloodborne, Hyper Light Drifter, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Grand Theft Auto V, Snipperclips: Cut it Out, Together!, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Episode 97: Crunchy

This episode, Dylan is joined by special guest Callum Underwood, formerly Senior Developer Relations at Oculus and currently starting his new role at indie un-publisher Raw Fury.

Callum talks about the difficult choice of leaving Oculus and Facebook to join Raw Fury, how and when to speak to a publisher, and a conversation about game pricing sparked by a recent article by SteamSpy’s Sergey Galyonkin.

We also discuss showing your game at conventions to receive player feedback and the thrill of going to GDC.

Games include PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Episode 96: The Verbyverse

It’s eSports week here at the Wardcast. Wendy and Dylan just returned from exhibiting at Super Smash Con, and Alex has been keeping tabs on the lead up to the Overwatch World Cup and a For Honor tournament won by someone using an exploit. Also, I guess The International happened?

And we return to discussing Nick Robinson’s sexual harassment and removal from Polygon.

Games include King of the Hat, Super Clash Bros., Splatoon 2, Overwatch, Flippy Knife, Balloon Fight, Super Mario Bros., and Jackbox Party Pack 3.

Episode 95: Triple Tank and Dive

We doubled up on Alexes this week. Joining Dylan and Alex Damrath is lost Wardcaster Alex Rice, making his triumphant return to the show, just in time to tell us that he’s leaving to go work for eBay, but not before he raided Nintendo World in New York City of their precious Switches.

We discuss getting our hands on a NES Classic, the disastrous Pokémon Go Fest, Geralt in a bathtub, and cancelled SNES Classic preorders.

Additionally, we talk about a member of the games press who is being investigated for sexual harassment and how sexual harassment and the mistreatment of women and other minority groups plagues the tech and gaming industries.

We’re also heading to Super Smash Con next weekend, so we’ll see you there!

Games include The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Final Fantasy, Mega Man 2, Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream, Prey, Splatoon 2, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.