We’d like to welcome everyone to the new home of Ward. This is where you’ll find all the creations by Dylan Ilvento and Mason Brown, whether it’s podcasts, games, or our development blog.

We’re just starting out, so we think it’s important to be nimble, be smart, and experiment with a multitude of projects before hunkering down on something for the long haul. While our first crop of game prototypes are being completed, we’ll be bringing you semimonthly blog posts. These posts will range in topic from programming, to art design, to business development, to marketing, to anything else that we feel is beneficial to the improvement of Ward. Whether you’re a player or an aspiring developer like us, we believe it’s important to record the game development process, for your edification and for ours.


To accompany that goal, we also have the weekly Ward Podcast, where we talk about games, business, and whatever else crosses our brains while the mics are on. You can get access to the podcast feed here, or you can subscribe to it on iTunes here.

We’re excited to build a place where we can experiment, learn, and grow as developers and as people, and we’re excited for you to join us.

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