We’re back with more RVA Game Jammers! Dylan and Sam are joined by members Tyler Rhodes and Kirk Musngi.

The four all talk about the games they made for Ludum Dare 38’s theme of “Small Worlds.” Sam’s rail shooter Monolith, Tyler’s simulation game Intertidal Snail Breeder Deluxe, Dylan’s shoot ‘em up Bantam!, and Kirk’s web game prototype about traversing the continental United States using craigslist listings.

We also showcase all the other game jam entries that we liked as well as Instant Replay Live’s Let’s Play of all the Ludum Dare submissions by RVA Game Jammers.

The discussion encapsulates other topics such as the debacle over the Horizon: Zero Dawn frustum culling gif, Tyler exhibiting at Hampton Roads Maker Faire, and Winnie the Pooh Home Run Derby.

Games include Little Lands, Afterbirth, Plonat Atek, Vixa, Planet Heist, Rashlander, iii, Tribal Tension, Rocket League, Mirror’s Edge, Far Cry 4, Advance Wars: Dual Strike, Pokémon Go, Magic: The Gathering, Brick Block, Disney Crossy Road, Puyo Puyo Tetris, and the Prey demo.