From their panel at PAX East, Dan, Alex, Mason, and Dylan return to talk about all of the latest, greatest undiscovered games and experiences they found on the show floor.

Dan talks all things virtual reality, from VR games Obduction, The American Dream, and I Expect You to Die to the haptic feedback suit Hardlight VR by developer Nullspace VR.

Alex talks about the games that catch his eye with dissonant art direction and themes, like 2D platformers where you play as orphaned dogs in Russian subways eating tacos.

Mason is indoctrinated by Pastor Bobby Throne, which we incorrectly refer to as Bobby Thorne in the panel. We would like to take this time to apologize to Mr. Throne and his congregation for the error. He also talks Dunk Lords, created by former Spelunky programmer Andy Hull and his studio Story Fort.

Dylan, while tagging along with the other guys to see their hidden gems, took a look at the Indie Minibooth to find puzzle platformer Semblance from developer Nyamakop.

From the panel description:

“PAX East is filled with games from wall to wall, and it’s nigh impossible to see everything. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to find the unique, the eclectic, and the unknown. Each of our panelists will choose a single game from off the beaten path and use their collective knowledge of game development, user experience design, and virtual reality development to highlight, analyze, and discuss surprises on the show floor you may have otherwise missed.”

Games include Obduction, The American Dream, I Expect You to Die, Desert of Danger, Think of the Children, Russian Subway Dogs, The Gardens Between, The Italianeer, Bobby Throne Saves The World, Dunk Lords, and Semblance.