The hot summer doldrums roll on as we ponder games both video and tabletop. This week, we’re joined by local character artist and SCAD alum Val Hawes, here to educate us on roguelikes and more.

We gather around the smoldering embers of the once mighty E3 fire to see if there were any announcements we missed, and speak our piece on seasonal game sales, aggressive fandom wikis, and multiple gaming lawsuits.

On the game dev front, Will is fast at work on releasing his new game Wobolob; Val talks about her contributions to Team Dogpit’s Red Star Azimuth; Alex’s game, Woodsy, reaches new heights after being showcased on a Markiplier video; and Dylan is busy with Peak housekeeping.

Games include Mario Tennis Aces, Overwhelm, Fugl, Wizard of Legend, Tangledeep, Kingdom Death: Monster, Agony, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, Fallout 3, Hitman, Dusk, Wobolob Classic, and Wobolob.