Dylan, Ruthie Edwards, and Momin Khan conspire together about how to take out Will and steal his game jam powers.

We check in with Salty Bet to see how the free-wheeling, copyright-infringing fighting game world is doing while also doing a post-Ludum Dare 41 run down. LD 41’s theme was “two incompatible genres,” and Ruthie and Momin talk about their games Calculator Sweat! VR and Zap Herder.

We take a turn towards Kongregate, discussing news of Kartridge’s revenue share plans for developers, with some Newgrounds talk added into the mix for good measure.

In other news, SteamSpy is sorta back, and Valve is acquiring Campo Santo?!

Games include Florence, Zap Herder, Burnout Paradise Remastered, Woodsy, I am Tree, Pix Eliz Great Curse of the Cards, Outlaw Mayor Panic!, Samurai Shaver, and God of War.