Will, Dylan, and Mike Odum convene for a post-GDC discussion.

Dylan regails us with stories of adventures faraway, from Bit Bash to Train Jam to GDC. His Train Jam game, Track Trek, was made in collaboration with Matt Gambell, Keaton White, and Craig Barnes and is available for all to play (as long as you have two Xbox controllers).

We also discuss GDC experiences, unsuccessful game pitches, and determining success. The conference brought its own share of meaty topics, including unionization in the games industry, the future of GDC, and the current American political climate’s effect on international developers’ attendance, most readily seen in the #1ReasonToBe panel.

We conclude by catching up on Will’s game – working title: Oddish Adventure – currently on version 0.0.3, and Mike updates us on Clash Cup Turbo’s development and multiplayer beta.

Next up on Wardcast: Hidden Gems of PAX East II, an interview with Alex Berry from The Swords of Ditto, an interview with Mike Bithell, and more!

Games include The Moon Fields, Time Crisis II, and Superhot.