Dylan, Alex, and Sam reconvene to discuss the poor handling of MAGFest’s distribution of hotel rooms. Alex also brings a board game, for which there was a price to pay, and Sam discusses the contract game he’s been working on and what goes into making a kid’s game COPPA-compliant.

Taking advantage of physics systems in games has us talking about Just Cause 2 mods and an infamous Liberty City swingset. In other news, Shadow of War has a bad story, neo-Nazis are mad about Wolfenstein, and as is frighteningly becoming the norm, some more layoffs and closings are happening in the games industry. With the shuttering of Visceral, we say goodbye to the potential of Star Wars Uncharted and await the coming death of the AAA single player game.

Games include Silent Hill 2, Home Sweet Home, Splatoon 2, Kingdom Death: Monster, Deceiver, Golf Story, and Middle-Earth: Shadow of War.