We begin this episode discussing our hatred of Funko Pop figurines and the massive intelligence required to enjoy McDonald’s szechuan sauce.

In other news, Cuphead came out, and it’s good! But people aren’t talking about Echo, and that’s bad.

The Game by Its Cover game jam has ended, and Sam discusses his favorite pick from the lot, Hell, which fully convinces us that games presented through a desktop OS aesthetic are now “a thing.”

We also talk about FPS Requakes on the heels of Quake Live having recently – as in, back in 2015 – going to a paid model. HD rumble is being used for nefarious purposes, and several studios are downsizing, leading to a discussion about unionization and business sustainability in games.

Games include Cuphead, Beasts of Balance, Echo, Hell, Cube 2: Sauerbraten, Star Wars Battlefront II Multiplayer Beta, and Golf Story.