Dylan is joined by Ruthie Edwards, Kirk Musngi, Mike Odum, and Momin Khan on this glorious September morning to camp out to get their hands on the SNES Classic. It’s early. Very early. But no sacrifice is too great for our chosen prize. No regrets, no regurts, and no Ragnaros.

While we wait for the doors of the Best Buy to open, we define what it means to be “mom,” spend some more time on Martio Rabius Kingdom Journey, and wax nostalgic about Warcraft III and Starcraft II mods.

We get a Brandcenter check-in with Ruthie, sample some baby swiss brought by Momin, and discuss the most seminal games available on the SNES Classic.

Games include Pokémon Go, Golf Story, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Metroid Fusion, StarCraft II Mafia, and Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.