Dylan, Dan “Quasar” Cotting, and Justin Mitchell collect together just in time for the return of the Food Minute. This time, it’s all about seasonal lattes and beers of the pumpkin variety as well as a conversation about Hamburger Helper.

We also discuss Pewdiepie hurling a racist slur on Twitch and the fallout of Sean Vanaman filing a DMCA takedown of Pewdiepie’s Firewatch video and the subsequent review bombing of Firewatch on Steam.

To add nauseum to the vomitorium, the NES Classic returns and Nintendo hosted a new Direct: Mario has nipples, Link’s a lizard, Doom and Wolfenstein II are on Switch, Mario Party is on the wrong platform, and a bunch of JRPGs are coming out to please Justin’s senses.

Games include The Hard Way: A Virtual Reality Training Experience, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Project Octopath Traveler Demo Version, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and Pyre.