Episode 237: Quarantine Catsup, Part 1

We collect virtually for the first time since the pandemic started to record our longest podcast to date, and for good reason: in lieu of E3 happening this year, we instead have to contend with an eternal summer of announcements.

And in the final quarter of this episode, we discuss the ongoing allegations of abuse in the industry — content warning for discussions of sexual abuse and sexual assault — along with the failure of the industry to protect victims and oust abusers.

Games include Tabletop Simulator, Just One, Wits & Wagers, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, Dépanneur Nocturne, Knuckles’ Chaotix, Spellbreak, Hitman, and Hitman 2.

Episode 236: If It’s Not Intersectional, It’s BS

Josh Boykin — founder of gaming community Intelligame — joins the show to talk about the intersectionality of games and society.

Josh discusses the unique way he streams games for the site, balancing gameplay with thoughtful discussions with the chat, as well as the different lenses we use to critically discuss games — commercial, technical, artistic, social, and more.

Meanwhile, The Last of Us Part II release is making waves about storytelling in AAA — we reexamine the struggles of ludonarrative dissonance and its less spoken off compliments ludonarrative resonance and ludonarrative harmony and how gaming’s attempt to escape this constraint is reflective of society striving for something better.

And we cap things off with last month’s Wholesome Direct and Josh’s role in helping bring the showcase to life!

Episode 235: Agitation and Education

Emma Kinema, organizer for CODE-CWA and co-founder of Game Workers Unite, joins Dylan for a wide-ranging discussion on organizing workplaces in games, tech, and beyond.

We talk about organizing in light of COVID-19, finding where workers draw power, the importance of solidarity, and challenging the old wives’ tales used to suppress worker wages.

Episode 234: There Was a Guy Named Batman

Recorded before we got the inevitable news of E3 2020’s cancellation, we hunker down to discuss the impacts the coronavirus has had on the gaming world and beyond.

We also chat about Georgian caped crusaders fighting Greek fraternities, PlatinumGames’ wonderful kickstarter, the end of our devil’s hunt, and a one-of-a-kind console prototype that sold for a little less than expected.

Games include Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Link’s Awakening, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Cave Story+, Labyrinth, and Soko Loco Express.

Episode 233: Video Games Worldwide

We crack open the Wardcast time capsule to bring you an episode postdated January 25th, 2020, that had us conducting a then-punctual discussion about the Oscars, games, and the gaming news of the preceding months that occurred while we were otherwise preoccupied.

We (hopefully) close the book on Death Stranding, take a look at Half-Life: Alyx, try to figure out what happened at The Game Awards, discover some hot ‘sclusies on C-SPAN, and discuss the onslaught of a new console generation.

Games include Death Stranding, Halo: Reach, and Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.