Episode 178: The Tsum Tsum Veil

This week, the Wardcast is beginning to reach full strength, with Dylan, Alex, and Nelson discussing childhood pranks, getting to the bottom of the 3D2D genre, and the history of the Keyblade Wars.

We’re all still fully in the grips of ApeLeg addiction, but we pull ourselves out of the miasma long enough to talk about the latest Nintendo Direct, which leaves Animal Crossing fans out in the cold in favor of the Mario Maker faithful while also showcasing Goku-lookin’ RPGs, the morality of anime cops, and something called a tsum tsum?

Games include Brawl Stars, Apex Legends, Tetris 99, Yoshi’s Crafted World, and Daemon X Machina.

Episode 177: Apexsutawney Phil

Dylan and new Wardcast regular Nelson Johnson convene to talk about, among other things, the stealth-released Apex Legends and what it signals for the ever-evolving battle royale genre.

We then trip over a possible Eminem Anime MMO, movie trailers and movie budgets, and the escalating war for PC game store dominance.

Games include Apex Legends, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Devil May Cry 5, and Killer Queen.

Episode 176: Sorry, Kyle

This week, we return to a semi-regular Wardcast. Joining Alex and Dylan is RVA Game Jams newbie Jeff Stager, here to talk about the many tales of illicit flash drives, failing Swedish studios, and noble charity streams.

There’s also a topic that we’ve yet to discuss in depth: Smash Bros.! We revisit the ultimate entry two months later to showcase the talents of Xander Mobius, discover the secrets of the World of Light, and run down the Competitive Gentleman’s Rules.

Games include Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Onimusha, Doom II, Crusader Kings II, Hollow Knight, Minecraft, Brawl Stars, Anthem, Rainbow Six: Siege, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and Deltarune: Chapter 1.

Episode 175: Wolverines!

Back in Richmond, Dylan is joined by RVA Game Jams’ guest speaker for Global Game Jam, Clint “Halfcoordinated” Lexa, here in town to talk about streaming, speedrunning, and gaming accessibility.

We cover some stuff we missed from AGDQ, how developers can work with speedrunners to improve their games and support better accessibility, Clint’s next speedrunning game, and controller preferences.

Episode 174: Hidden Gems of PAX South II

For the second year running, Hidden Gems is back to showcase games and more from PAX South! Dylan is joined by Harris Foster, Anya Combs, and Rami Ismail to talk about hidden MAME ROMs, secret bathrooms, and finding out what color the sky truly is. You can follow along with the panel slides here.

From the panel description:

“Do you wish there was a one stop source for everything you needed to see, hear, and play at PAX? If so, then you’re in luck! The Hidden Gems panel is here to show you the way to the biggest surprises on the show floor. With our collective knowledge of the games industry, we’ll showcase handpicked games and experiences that you won’t want to miss.”

Games include Multibowl, Nelo, A Fold Apart, Ape Out, KungFu Kickball, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, King of the Hat, Dicey Dungeons, Bombfest, Hypnospace Outlaw, Young Souls, and RocketBoots Mania.

Episode 173: Are We Dabster? Or Are We Dancer?

We’re here in Rockville, Maryland for AGDQ – Awesome Games Done Quick – watching games be played real fast. Dylan is joined by Finji community manager Harris Foster along with streamer and fellow hotel roommate Devon Snethen.

We’ve spent the whole week watching runners run their games, so we take some time to talk about our favorite runs, the Bad Games Block, some contentious Splatoon running, and oooooooooorbs.

Games include Pringles Game, The★BishiBashi, and BishiBashi Channel.

Episode 172: Into the MAG 2019, Night 3

It’s our third and final night of MAGFest. We run into some technical issues, but that doesn’t keep us down.

Part one has us talking to designer, Ward collaborator, and Richmonder Sean Harrington.

Part two brings on Wardcast co-host Alex Damrath, Splitty Robot developer Scott Hilbert, and musician and DJ Alan “8-Bit Mullet” Brymer.

And lastly, in part three, we’re joined by fellow RVA Game Jammers Justin Mitchell and Emerson Smith.

Episode 171: Into the MAG 2019, Night 2

The second night of MAGFest rolls on with a second night of podcasts.

Part one brings on Lexington, Kentucky developers Amanda Hudgins, Adam Schroeder, and John Meister to talk their projects and more.

Part two collects together Wardcast friend and experience designer Ruthie Edwards along with Zarvot creator, Sam Eng.

Episode 170: Into the MAG 2019, Night 1

It’s the first night of MAGFest and the first podcast of 2019. We’re bringing on a bunch of awesome folks to talk anything and everything around MAGFest.

Part one brings on attorneys Ryan Morrison and Noah Downs, along with streamer extraordinaire Ryan “McLaffy Taffy” Capps.

Part two has us sitting down with friends of the show Nelson Johnson and Michael Macasiano and lead designer from Mega Cat Studios, Andy Marsh.

Episode 169: Guest Games Played 2018

We’re rounding out the year with something special: we asked our guests if they wanted to say a few words about the games they played in 2018 that meant the most to them.

Thanks to Ruthie Edwards, Joe Wetmore, Mike Futter, Mason Brown, Alex Berry, Harris Foster, Craig Barnes, and Matt Gambell for taking the time to share their thoughts on what games were the most impactful to them in 2018.

Games include Factorio, Nier: Automata, Return of the Obra Dinn, Monster Hunter: World, Hitman 2, God of War, Celeste, Just Shapes & Beats, The Quiet Man, Dead Cells, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and Tetris Effect.