Episode 230: Hidden Gems of PAX South III

For our third year at PAX South, we’ve brought together some Hidden Gems veterans to retake the stage at the Cactus Theatre. Join Dylan Ilvento are compatriots Harris Foster, Rami Ismail, Anya Combs, and Victoria Caña. Follow along with the panel slides here.

From the panel description:

“Welcome to PAX, a virtual cornucopia of games and wonderment! If you’re looking for secrets and surprises from the show floor, there’s no better place to hear about them than at Hidden Gems! Join us as we explore all PAX has to offer and select for you a handful of curated pieces that you’ll want to check out while you’re here.”

Games include Garden Story, Bill Hates Video Games, Calico, The Artful Escape, Infernax, Speaking Simulator, All Hams on Deck, From Rust, Fire Tower, Foregone, Magequit, Boyfriend Dungeon, and Just Shapes and Beats.

Episode 229: Have I Made It? A Discussion about Working in Games

As part of MAGFest’s Music and Gaming Education Symposium, Dylan invited Anya Combs and Sam Eng for a discussion about the trials and tribulations of working in the game industry. We talk about how we got started in the industry, difficult patches we’ve hit, and how we’ve grown from those experiences. Feel free to follow along with the panel slides.

From the panel description:

“Discussions about ‘breaking into’ the games industry are well worn territory. There’s plenty of information out there already about networking, upskilling, and other common topics. But let’s say you’re already doing all of that and you’re still finding it hard getting your big break. What do you do when the going gets tough? Join us for a roundtable discussion with members from the games industry to talk about how they tackled personal challenges on their journeys to get where they are today.”

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Episode 228: Into the MAG 2020

It’s the start of a fresh new year, and that means there’s only one thing to do! That’s right, it’s time to go In. To. The. MAG.

We’re poding at MAG for a special one-night-only event. Dylan and Nelson are joined by Video Game Book Club host Michael Macasiano, here to talk about trading morals for superpowers, eclectic arcade games, and videogamesareawful.com.

Games include Heave Ho, Circumnavigators, Hercules, F-Zero AX, Sonic Championship, Tetris: The Grand Master 3 – Terror‑Instinct, and Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward.

Episode 227: Guest Games Played 2019

2019 — what a year. A year of ups, a year of downs, but most importantly, a year of new friendships.

Before we close the book on this year and this decade, we wanted to take one more episode to ask our guests from the past twelve months if they wanted to come on to talk about the games that meant the most to them.

Thanks to Ruthie Edwards, Harris Foster, Sarah Elmaleh, Dante Douglas, and Ben Wander for sharing their favorite gaming experiences from the past year, and thanks to everyone that joined us on the Wardcast in 2019!

Games include Baba is You, A Short Hike, Death Stranding, Ring Fit Adventure, Halo: Reach, Eliza, and Dicey Dungeons.

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Episode 226: The Honorables 2019, Lower Bracket

This is it: we’ve bickered and bartered our way through the upper bracket, with only Untitled Goose Game coming out unscathed, but once more through the gauntlet we must stride to determine… The Honorables!

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Episode 225: The Honorables 2019, Upper Bracket

We’ve gone to bat for the games we felt the strongest towards in Best Games Played. Some secured their place in our vaulted list, but others, unfortunately, did not.

You may think that would be the end of their story, but you’d be wrong. Some games will have a second chance at redemption, here in The Honorables, our double elimination honorable mentions bracket! Join us as we reexamine games that didn’t quite make it to the top ten as well as others that we’ve played on our travels throughout the year.

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