Episode 223: The Road to BGP 2019, Part 5

Roy is our boy.

Episode 222: Hidden Gems of PAX Unplugged

The inaugural Hidden Gems panel at PAX Unplugged has us talking dice games, card games, and more!

Episode 221: The Road to BGP 2019, Part 4

Let your freak frag fry.

Episode 220: The Road to BGP 2019, Part 3

Gnomes for the gnome god.

Episode 219: The Road to BGP 2019, Part 2

Mario the first.

Episode 218: The Road to BGP 2019, Part 1

For the lead up to Best Games Played this year, we’ve created a new, five-part series for the hosts to take the time to really dive deep into the games that meant the most to them. Welcome to: the Road to BGP!

Episode 217: High Noon is a Verb

Step right up.

Episode 216: Itchy-oh

Spencer Hays joins the show to talk proper storefront pronunciations.

Episode 215: Harshstone

"It turns out, you guys actually do have phones."

Episode 214: Emotional Entanglement

Jay Tholen returns to the show to talk 'Hypnospace' and how to get audiences engaged in your game.

Interviews with Developers of These Fine Games

Episode 213: The Study of Flubber

It's flying rubber.

Episode 212: Tacticool

Stay on target!

Episode 211: Come On, Doc

We go deep on the medium post, 'i don’t think i like prestige games.'

Episode 210: Digi-games

Digi-games are the champions.

Episode 209: Weeb U

Wii welcome the return of 'Tokyo Mirage Sessions.'

Episode 208: The Smash Ultimate Prediction Pool

We use our clairvoyance — or lack thereof — to predict the last two Smash DLC characters.

Episode 207: Hidden Gems of PAX West II

Hidden Gems returns to PAX West with our friends Dante Douglas, Kevin Snow, and Mike Williams!

Episode 206: Drown Me, Kojima

███████░░░ 231ml

Episode 205: Tigon

Ligers, tigons, and bears — oh my!

Episode 204: In This House We Play Overwatch

Joseph Knoop of the 1099 joins us to talk FPS allegiances and more.