Episode 121: Unpaxxed Ⓢ 2018, Night 2

We’re weary, but we’re here for our wrap-up episode for PAX South 2018. Dylan is joined by Nick Nundahl of Instant Replay Live – and Hidden Gems – fame along with fellow YouTuber Karinabob.

We talk Airbnb furnishings, the Instant Friends Discord, and some last-minute sights from the show floor, including the Jamroom and Multibowl.

As we drift off into a dreamless slumber to recover from the MAGFests and the PAXes, we make brief mention of a secret lost podcast, discuss the disappearance of John St. John, and introduce you to our southern cousin, Cloud Lee.

Pain is all we have.

Games include Donut County, Overland, Super Retro Maker, Log Rollers, Sorcerer City, Party Hard 2, The Painscreek Killings, The Norwood Suite, Multibowl, Dobotone, Jackbox Party Pack 3, The Swords of Ditto, and Florence.

Episode 120: Hidden Gems of PAX South

Making its triumphant return, the Hidden Gems panel is back to showcase more awesome games and experiences from the PAX show floor. This time, Dylan is taking the panel to PAX South with our friends Nick Nundahl and Joe Wetmore of Instant Replay Live. We talk about all the cool stuff that we saw and played. If you’re interested in following along with the panel slides, we’ve uploaded them for your viewing pleasure.

From the panel description:

“You’ve made it to PAX South, but now what? There’s just too much to do, see, and play. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to be your guide to finding the most interesting and unique games and experiences from across the far flung corners of the expo. Join us as we highlight, analyze, and discuss surprises on the show floor you may have otherwise missed.”

Games include Donut County, Super Retro Maker, The Shrouded Isle, Overland, Tunic, Children of Morta, Patobox, Light Fall, Aftercharge, Mystic Origins, The Norwood Suite, Black Ice, and Omensight.

Episode 119: Unpaxxed Ⓢ 2018, Night 1

It’s our first episode from PAX South in sunny San Antonio – Military City, USA. Dylan sits down with Bekah Saltsman, CEO of indie developer and publisher Finji, showing off their games Overland, Tunic, and Night in the Woods at the show.

We talk about booth logistics for larger shows, being thrifty as an indie dev, and the infamous Costco rental.

Bekah also goes more in depth about topics within and beyond the indie dev life, from her school and work experiences, the importance of non-development roles in the industry, hiring practices at Finji, working as a woman and a mom in games, and how she obtained her cavalcade of nicknames.

Games include Mini Metro.

Episode 118: Into the MAG 2018, Night 2

It’s our second and final night at MAGFest 2018. We’re joined by Robby Ciszek – the Undead Dev – working on UFO Rodeo, Emerson Smith, founder of ESIO LLC, and Frank DiCola, co-founder of Game Revenant and artist and designer on Where Shadows Slumber.

We talk about exhibiting mobile games at the show; avoiding the bomb cyclone; nabbing some sweet, sweet MAGBucks; and more.

Games include Joggernauts, DinoBlasters, Mask of Semblance: The Trading Card Game, Treasure Adventure World, and Scoot Pooch.

Episode 117: Into the MAG 2018, Night 1

It’s the first podcast of 2018 and the first podcast of MAGFest! We’re bringing you some multipart nightly shows while we hang out at the one and only Music and Games Festival.

In part one of tonight’s show, Dylan is joined by RVA Game Jammer Ruthie Edwards and VR dev Emerson Smith, founder of ESIO LLC. We talk about what we’ve seen and played on the show floor, from Amanda Hudgins’ #1000ButtonProject to Mega Cat Studios’ custom NES games.

In part two, Dylan and Will are joined by MAGFest exhibitors Robby Ciszek, proprietor of The Undead Dev and UFO Rodeo, and Casey Labrack, developer of DinoBlaster. We discuss beard-offs, panels about doing a game jam (come on and slam), getting trapped in elevators, MAGFest memes, and trying to spot all the MAGBabies on the show floor.

Games include Fight Knight, Zarvot, KungFu Kickball, Pokémon Puzzle League, Super Button Pusher Turbo Alpha Z, Line Wobbler, Electric Scrapeboard, Desolus, Joggernauts, Denizen, Hercules, and Splitty Robot.

Episode 116: Best Games Played 2017

Once more the Earth has circled the Sun, and once more we sequester ourselves to determine the Wardcast Best Games Played.

For those unfamiliar, here’s how it works: our list is comprised of the what we believe to be the top ten games we played this year. We consider any game played in 2017, not just games released in 2017. Everyone brings their personal top ten games to the table, from which we will decide the official Best Games Played. Once the chosen ten have been decided upon, we will create a superlative for each game that best encapsulates the spirit of its experience.

We’d like to thank everyone who’s been on the show this year: Ruthie Edwards; Tim Howell, Chris Howell, and John Duthie; Alex Rice; Dan Cotting; Mason Brown; Nick Nundahl and Joe Wetmore; Luke Porr; Justin Mitchell; Momin Khan; Tyler Rhodes; Kirk Musngi; Shawn Patton; Josiah Renaudin; Kenny Kim; Mike Odum; Jay Tholen; David Byers; Mike Futter; M Joshua Cauller; and Michael Listo. And a special thanks to this year’s co-hosts Will Blanton, Sam Loeschen, and Alex Damrath! Our extended Wardcast family is what makes the show so fun to do!

Merry 2017!

Awards include Best Reinvention, Freshest Ideas, Best Synthesization, Best Philosophy, Grandest Adventure, Purest Design, Coolest Experience, Greatest Feat, Most Treacherous, and Coolest Gadgets.

Episode 115: MO(ther)BA(se)

It’s our last regular episode of the year, and it’s here where we make our stand. We critique the quality of the game mechanics of White Elephant, discuss our time with Wolfenstein II – including some heavy spoilers, and rediscover Ryu’s love of pound cake.

Ludum Dare 40 happened last weekend, so we discuss the games we played and the games we made, which include Will’s escapehatch, Alex’s Pizza’matic 5000, and Dylan’s Polyose.

From there we move on to The Game Awards announcements, from Campo Santo’s In the Valley of Gods to whatever the hell Death Stranding is.

And that’s it for your regularly scheduled Wardcast for 2017. Coming up: Best Games Played, maybe some MAGFest, and a new Hidden Gems panel coming to you this January at PAX South. Stay tuned!

Games include Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Warframe, Candy Box 2, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Rymdkapsel, Cards Against Humanity, Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Dr. Mario, HQ, Puzzle Fighter, Bit Swapper, All Day I Dream About Eyeballs, Zealot, Super Mario Odyssey, and Monument Valley 2.

Episode 114: Big Elbows

Joining Dylan over the air this week is friend of the show and Motion Capture Stage Technician at 2K Games Michael Listo.

Michael speaks with Dylan about what goes into his role, the current trends in motion capture technology, and the common mocap techniques used on the job.

We also discuss motion capture in film, advertising, and VR, and how his time studying Visual Effects at SCAD prepared him for his professional career.

Episode 113: The Mouse Always Wins

Will, Alex, and Dylan discuss the burgeoning Robocky film genre, the EA Battlefront II loot box fiasco, and the predictably disappointing Justice League box office debut.

We endure the hellishness of Mario Odyssey’s Darker Side of the Moon, and we talk about Hair Nah and our experiences getting our hairs touched.

Alex “BattlerUnknown” Damrath gets back on the gamedev horse with his game, Playground, all the while Dylan contemplates why he and Sam got their games waitlisted for MAGFest’s Indie Video Game Showcase.

Games include Overwatch, Super Mario Odyssey, Hair Nah, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Episode 112: This Will with Week!

With the Richmond Marathon surrounding us on all sides, we journey into the realm of physical games. We got 280 characters in our pocket, and with it, we propose Doom 2 to take place in Buddhist hell. Alex joins in on the Mario Odyssey discussion – with embarrassing anecdotes about Uncle Amiibo.

In news, Blizzcon happened, where Blizzard announced a new Overwatch hero, a new World of Warcraft, and an old World of Warcraft. Will’s planning for his next game dev project, and we conduct more battle royale talks, now with mystical bush magic!

Games include Super Mario Odyssey, Overwatch, Flippy Knife, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Fortnite: Battle Royale.