We’re weary, but we’re here for our wrap-up episode for PAX South 2018. Dylan is joined by Nick Nundahl of Instant Replay Live – and Hidden Gems – fame along with fellow YouTuber Karinabob.

We talk Airbnb furnishings, the Instant Friends Discord, and some last-minute sights from the show floor, including the Jamroom and Multibowl.

As we drift off into a dreamless slumber to recover from the MAGFests and the PAXes, we make brief mention of a secret lost podcast, discuss the disappearance of John St. John, and introduce you to our southern cousin, Cloud Lee.

Pain is all we have.

Games include Donut County, Overland, Super Retro Maker, Log Rollers, Sorcerer City, Party Hard 2, The Painscreek Killings, The Norwood Suite, Multibowl, Dobotone, Jackbox Party Pack 3, The Swords of Ditto, and Florence.